Sanctuary Synagogue

Synagogue in Montclair NJ provides a sanctuary space for immigrants at risk of deportation. Synagogue B'nai Keshet of Montclair, NJ has turned a one-bedroom apartment into a sanctuary for immigrants seeking asylum or at risk of deportation. The synagogue is part of a larger group called, The Montclair Sanctuary Alliance in which different houses … Continue reading Sanctuary Synagogue

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

The game of baseball presents endless opportunities for Dominican immigrants High school baseball player Orlando Sosa and head coach Mario Lugones Jr. explain the opportunities presented in America for Dominican athletes.             The game of baseball is played and loved around the world. While many people enjoy the sport, it is much more significant … Continue reading The Opportunity of a Lifetime

From Strangers to Neighbors

Synagogue Bnai Keshet is joined by other congregations to form the Montclair Sanctuary Alliance, who renovated an apartment to house immigrants currently at risk of being deported. Driving down South Fullerton Avenue would not spark the interest of many. There are houses lined up closely on the right, and a synagogue that lies on … Continue reading From Strangers to Neighbors

Immigrants Success in America Explore the stories of Silvia Cuba, a Peruvian mother and Dr. Moussa Haddad, a Syrian Father who have both immigrated to the United States searching for economic and social success. They both dedicate themselves to hard work and developing thriving businesses to help support their families. These are just two of the many who … Continue reading Immigrants Success in America

From Italy into America

An Italian immigrant's journey escaping poverty. Louis Tavarone recounts coming to America for the first time at 11 years old with his mother and brother. The Italian immigrant community has had a similar struggle with the immigration process, compared to modern day immigration stories. Immigrating to a new country and having no money, all … Continue reading From Italy into America

The life of an immigrant DACA Dreamer

Immigrant turned DACA student takes us through the process of being a Dreamer and getting a college education. Domenica Padron a senior at Montclair State University has been through a lot for a typical college student. Domenica who is a DACA student takes us through the hardships she faced when she first came to … Continue reading The life of an immigrant DACA Dreamer

A Piece of Poland in New Jersey

New Jersey's deep-rooted Polish community shares culture throughout the state. Wandering through the busy streets of New York City allows individuals to expose themselves to a variety of cultures, whether it stem from traditional American eateries, or a few stops in iconic culture hubs, including both Little Italy and Chinatown. However, how often is … Continue reading A Piece of Poland in New Jersey