TVDM 441 Spring 2019, #Focus Immigration Team

This goal of this project was to report on the growing national debate on surrounding immigration, in the wake of President Donald Trumps crack down on immigrants and call for a national emergency. Montclair State students in Thomas E. Franklin’s Multimedia News Production class teamed-up and created a series of multimedia stories related to the crisis, that covers a broad array of stories about immigrants. This was created by students in the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University, Spring 2019, part of a large-scale inter-disciplinary project in the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University called #FocusImmigration. https://focusimmigration.org/


Zachary Anderson andersonz1@montclair.edu
Lindsey Bianchi bianchil1@montclair.edu
Samuel Carliner carliners1@montclair.edu
Amanda Carter cartera14@montclair.edu
Alexis Gonzalez gonzaleza45@montclair.edu
Claire Kondash kondashc1@montclair.edu
Joseph Lapi lapij1@montclair.edu
Luis Lopez Wei lopezweil1@montclair.edu
Brynn Mcdonald mcdonaldb4@montclair.edu
Alexyss Panfile panfilea1@montclair.edu
Mario Papa papam3@montclair.edu
Raniell Paredes paredesr3@montclair.edu
Shane Reed reeds3@montclair.edu
Javier Reyes reyesj29@montclair.edu
Rebecca Serviss servissr1@montclair.edu
Dieter Unrath unrathd1@montclair.edu
Nicole Vadas vadasn1@montclair.edu
Daniela Vega vegad5@montclair.edu
Kerianne Vianden viandenk1@montclair.edu
Kevin Wagner wagnerk6@montclair.edu
Danielle Weidner weidnerd1@montclair.edu

Faculty Advisor

Prof. Thomas E. Franklin franklinth@montclair.edu