Pain into Power

Undocumented victims of domestic violence and the struggles they endure Pain into Power from Montclair State Multimedia on Vimeo. Cristina Tone changed her pain into power by realizing her worth after voicing her experience being an undocumented victim of domestic violence. In the immigrant community, domestic violence is a common occurrence. Much research is done … Continue reading Pain into Power

Dominican opportunities in America through Baseball

Dominican baseball players pursue better life in America by playing baseball to make it out of their home country. When it comes to baseball, it comes as second nature to Dominican players. Baseball is more than a sport to Dominicans, it's a culture and a way to create better opportunities. These opportunities create a … Continue reading Dominican opportunities in America through Baseball

Undocumented and Unlicensed For over 10 years, people in New Jersey have been fighting for legislation expanding access to driver's licenses to undocumented people. Recently, the fight has been renewed with the Let's Drive NJ campaign. Here, we take a look at some of the people fighting for and people that would be affected by this legislation. … Continue reading Undocumented and Unlicensed

Citizenship Through Love

Why naturalization through marriage is popular in the U.S. Explainer Video: Marriage and Citizenship Hollywood's perception of citizenship through marriage is very different from reality. The thought of someone becoming a U.S Citizens just from marrying a current U.S citizen is untrue. The process is far more complex. From the perspectives of the … Continue reading Citizenship Through Love

Breaking the Silence: Domestic Violence in the Immigrant Community

Cristina Tone of NJCDC and client Sylvia break their silence about their experiences with domestic violence as immigrant women. They have kept these painful stories to themselves for years, like many immigrant women do. By being brave enough to tell their stories of abuse and isolation, they are raising awareness on something that is rarely … Continue reading Breaking the Silence: Domestic Violence in the Immigrant Community

Chasing Dreams By Immigration Means

Immigrants, too, are involved in public service — even if it isn't always the majority Intashan Chowdhury is a first generation Bengali immigrant serving as the borough administrator of Prospect Park, New Jersey. But what makes Intashan's story even more special? He is just 22-years-old — in effect making him the youngest public administrator … Continue reading Chasing Dreams By Immigration Means

Little Poland in New Jersey

Wallington, New Jersey is a little town deeply rooted in their Polish heritage. See how this little town showcases their Polish culture.   From Warsaw to Wallington We are all familiar with densely populated communities such as Chinatown and Little Italy, where the same ethnicities develop together.  In New Jersey, there is a small … Continue reading Little Poland in New Jersey

Sanctuary Synagogue

Synagogue in Montclair NJ provides a sanctuary space for immigrants at risk of deportation. Synagogue B'nai Keshet of Montclair, NJ has turned a one-bedroom apartment into a sanctuary for immigrants seeking asylum or at risk of deportation. The synagogue is part of a larger group called, The Montclair Sanctuary Alliance in which different houses … Continue reading Sanctuary Synagogue

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

The game of baseball presents endless opportunities for Dominican immigrants High school baseball player Orlando Sosa and head coach Mario Lugones Jr. explain the opportunities presented in America for Dominican athletes.             The game of baseball is played and loved around the world. While many people enjoy the sport, it is much more significant … Continue reading The Opportunity of a Lifetime

From Strangers to Neighbors

Synagogue Bnai Keshet is joined by other congregations to form the Montclair Sanctuary Alliance, who renovated an apartment to house immigrants currently at risk of being deported. Driving down South Fullerton Avenue would not spark the interest of many. There are houses lined up closely on the right, and a synagogue that lies on … Continue reading From Strangers to Neighbors