Breaking the Silence: Domestic Violence in the Immigrant Community

Cristina Tone of NJCDC and client Sylvia break their silence about their experiences with domestic violence as immigrant women. They have kept these painful stories to themselves for years, like many immigrant women do. By being brave enough to tell their stories of abuse and isolation, they are raising awareness on something that is rarely … Continue reading Breaking the Silence: Domestic Violence in the Immigrant Community

Little Poland in New Jersey

Wallington, New Jersey is a little town deeply rooted in their Polish heritage. See how this little town showcases their Polish culture.   From Warsaw to Wallington We are all familiar with densely populated communities such as Chinatown and Little Italy, where the same ethnicities develop together.  In New Jersey, there is a small … Continue reading Little Poland in New Jersey

Immigrants Success in America Explore the stories of Silvia Cuba, a Peruvian mother and Dr. Moussa Haddad, a Syrian Father who have both immigrated to the United States searching for economic and social success. They both dedicate themselves to hard work and developing thriving businesses to help support their families. These are just two of the many who … Continue reading Immigrants Success in America

A Piece of Poland in New Jersey

New Jersey's deep-rooted Polish community shares culture throughout the state. Wandering through the busy streets of New York City allows individuals to expose themselves to a variety of cultures, whether it stem from traditional American eateries, or a few stops in iconic culture hubs, including both Little Italy and Chinatown. However, how often is … Continue reading A Piece of Poland in New Jersey